Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a technique using massage strokes and pressure points to the head, neck and shoulders. It has been practised for centuries and is now recognised as a relaxing and highly beneficial therapy, working on both the physical and mental state. Today's busy lifestyle leaves many of us feeling stressed and tired, which in turn can affect our health. Indian head massage not only feels good, but help eases stress, which is blamed for up to 80% of today's illnesses.

Indian Head Massage is suitable for people of all ages but is especially beneficial for you if you:-

·         Carry tension in your shoulders.

·         Work on a computer for long hours

·         Drive long distances

·         Suffer from tension headaches

On your first visit brief details will be taken from you before the treatment begins. The treatment starts with relaxing massage to your neck and back, which is followed by upper arms, face and head.

The treatment takes place on a chair which provides a comfortable resting place.

The treatment can be carried out with you fully clothed, or you may remove your shirt and wrap yourself in a comfortable towel to allow oil to be used on your back, shoulders and upper arms. This gives a slightly deeper treatment.

During the treatment the sensation is pleasant and soothing, Indian Head massage will relax you, while stimulating the body's own healing mechanisms.

A treatment session lasts for just under half an hour and a course of treatments may be taken.

Indian Head massage is a great intro to massage, as it can be experienced fully clothed and it can make a lovely gift as a voucher.

If you would like to book an appointment for Indian Head Massage or ask for any advice please don't hestiate to contact me.